Saturday, October 23, 2010

Theory #(who knows)

So, in the past I've had this thought...

That people who are ''taken'' have been because they figured out whatever it is we're supposed to learn about life while we're here...

Thus why ol' folks so often seem cool with ''leaving''. It's because they've got it, know they do, and know why they have to move on to whatever is next.

But I wouldn't call that a revolutionary idea.

But I've also theorized that people who are ''taken early'' are people who figured it out early, so they got to leave early. Or maybe it's a talent thing. They were called up (sic) due to extraordinary ability; needed elsewhere and the rest of us aren't ready/haven't earned the right to know what they know....

(you think LeBron could fade that?)

And maybe,

maybe that's what happens to youth, children, babies.

Can you imagine that? A being, not even able to walk or having situated thought and action enough to be able to speak coming, by happenstance or probability, the thought simply, universally, compulsorily true that God looks down and says,

"yes, you got it. Come Home."

Though, maybe that means there are those who are taken that are so confused, clouded that, not only will they never arrive at it, they so interrupt the path of those around them that they must be removed...

The cosmic referree keeping watch over and keeping in balance advatntage and disadantage; removing thosel with too much to give and those who take too much.

Maybe, the end of the world is just when mankind finally progresses past man.


a baby miscarrying after being there for a weeks, not even a month, because she's already figured it ou.

Imagine that.

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