Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday's Ride

41.7 miles in 3hrs 40 min
did about 4 laps around Prospect
(all those long descents are nice,
but that hill by the meadow sort of hurts)

Ended up taking more of a break after Prospect that
originally planned, about 30 mins - but got a free small Silk at Starbucks!
(shoulda asked for a grande....)

Went up the West Side up to around 100th so I could make 40 for the ride;
going was ok, coming back was plodding.

Still need to learn pacing. Think I still need to choke up on the rear derailer.

Note about breaks: it's best not to let the booty cool back down.

Wait...I saw somebody ELSE I knew on my way out of SB's to that break had to be longer than 30.

Question: are you allowed to take a non-Apple computer into NYC StarBuxes?

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