Thursday, April 10, 2008

(imp grin)

This finally came today.
Am going to have to study the rules to see how we can get away with having not wearing this bib like a bib.

My current best idea is to turn into a super hero cape. I was planning on some sort of tribute to Capt. Bike anyway.

I ended up not having to do the after school thing today. Wish I would have known sooner so I could have planned a ride. Decided to come home and start the frame wrapping project instead and go ahead and put the dread knobbies back on the Schwinn.

I feel pretty good about the wrapping, but I still think I should have gone for no overlap. Still a nice , if completely cosmetic (for now) change.



I'd originally planned to wrap the head tube (you know, where the badge is) and the forks....but I'm not sure now. Wasn't sure about what to do with the current handlebar wrap either, but I just had an idea to use the remaining black cloth tape and try some kinda harlequin design.

At any rate, I finished this much and then put the knobby tires on the Mesa. Ever since I've gotten more into efficiency I've despised the knobby tires more and more. Funny thing is, once I got out with them, not only was riding not a chore, it was actually quite fun. When you don't have to ride them every day, the mid-low buzz-roar the make going downhill on pavement is actually quite enchanting.

Now I understand how those two car people feel.

(rich bastards)

My intent was to tear up and down the hills at Silver Lake for about an hour, but I realized about 10 minutes in that the wheels on that bike are quite un-true. Decided to bring it back in rather than paint my rim black with my brake pad. There were even some decent little muck puddles forming, too.

Alas...there is always the morrow.


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