Friday, March 21, 2008

Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown is, for better or worse, the internet guru of bicycling. Feel free to run all over the internet for cycling info if you like, but all that will probably just lead back to his site (or links that lay therein).

So, by the time I came across this gentleman, he was being pelted daily with e-mail q's from, like, all of internet-dom. Back in '06 (remember when gas only cost $2.20/gal) I took to trolling eBay for cheap bikes to sell in the city/look for a road bike to keep. I finally came across a good deal that came with Shimano Biopace chainwheels - significant because they are slightly oblong. I read a few things about them and they supposedly gave you a some mechanical advantage at the top of the pedal revolution, thereby providing potential relief for those with tender knees.
Having already been made acquainted with Mr. Brown's site, I looked around there for more info and found that he, in fact still rode using these long-discontinued components. At long last I finally had a legitimate question to ask the master (not that I'd been looking). I sent him an inquiry (more than likely convoluted in its wording) asking if there was a particular technique he used when pedaling the Biopace.
His response:

"Just ride".

Well, I'd been blessed with a response by the master. Although I'm pretty sure I took some time wondering if the brevity of the response was an indication the depth of his consideration - or the level of dumb inherent in the question....

Well, while looking up info on tires, I came across a reference to Mr. Brown that made it seem as though he was no longer with us.

In fact, he passed in Febuary. Heart attack. He was only 63. I had no idea that he'd been diagnosed with multiple schlerosis.

This information makes me that much more determined to participate in this year's 5 Boro Bike Tour.

I think I've finally become accustomed to the idea that I've been here long enough for people I know leaving this plane of existence to not be an entirely unique experience.

One thing I can certainly say it's teaching me is that

there is NEVER

So why not now?

Thanks for the help, Mr. Brown.


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