Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dreamtime Is a Mutha

Strange dream just now.

Current FF, who I've suspected of being desirous of more than that, is staying over at house - parents house for some reason.

(skipping ahead)

Attempts an oral act - at which point I fall asleep (in the dream)

I wake up, and of the acted-upon member has been removed* (though healed and still capable of being acted upon).

(skipping ahead)

I confront FF and end up slamming FF face-first into certain fairly stationary objects like the wall, floor.

I leave FF upside down where she appears deceased.

Time shifts to the late 19th, very early 20th century. FF reappears talking to (a woman who is apparently runs the house as my family is apparently wealthy in this dream). I take from what I see that this was all just an attempt by FF to get a raise.


*I checked, it's still there.

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