Thursday, November 29, 2007

(when thumbs twiddle)

At a temp job for the day, first time back in an office in 3 months.
First time in 3 years and change working on wall street.
First time in a building with "Trump" on its edifice.
First time using tel. system connected to a PC.
First time wearing this tie.

"I was expecting a woman"

(no *ish)

Four hours of sleep from 8p - 12a last night
(lemme alone, I got distracted)

It's STILL not 10a yet.

I move by the strength of God -
by the grace of God, go i.

{Hey, look 10 o'clock! }

3 hours 'til halftime.


At this point, I prefer (twiddle) to the alternative.

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