Saturday, November 24, 2007

Theorem: Social Science Edition

I think I think that:

how poor people exist now has changed.

I remember a time when it seemed like the poorest people were the ones who exhibited the most faith in a/the higher power. They had very little that was tangible, so their capital consisted mostly of the intangible and that was typically where they had the most invested.

Now, it seems like the only people who can afford/afford to have time to believe in God are the middle class and up (peepyourlocalneighborhoodmegachurchandtellmeifyouthinksomebodypoorwouldbecomfortablegoingthere).


(g/God) = hope

In the past, po' folks, if nothing else, had God.

after the foreclosure on their faith by the specter of survival in daily life,

maybe folks can no longer afford to hope.

So, how to you convince somebody to






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