Saturday, July 14, 2007

Road Rash

Had my first fall while clicked into the pedals yesterday. No damage to me. I think I caught a tire weight or a rock with my back tire while I was practicing getting my foot to the to 12 o'clock on the leaning side*.

Left foot shot right out of the pedal, right stayed clicked in. So, all the weight went to the left foot which slipped since I don't have any toe or heel protectors. I guess the next time Nashbar or somebody has free shipping I'll get some decent shoes.

I just love the fact that somebody was walking into a house right when it happened, yet there wasn't even a "you okay".

I love how much we love us.

Then again, maybe it was Mr. Universe's way of tapping me on the shoulder for not dismounting to help that woman get that box to the curb**.

(* It feels more natural to do the opposite, but having the foot at the top of the rotation gives more ground clearance.)

(** I get tired of trying to guess whether people will be threatened if I approach)

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