Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More of the Same

Was sitting across State St. from the ferry while waiting on a response from a txt msg, mp3 in one ear, eyes, hands and frayed nerves trained on Super Off-Road....

when a clamor came a clamoring from the sidewalk before me. This particular child among a group of children of The City was going on about how some individual she was speaking with needed to (bleep)ing go to school at said individual's insistence that a passport wasn't needed to go to the Virgin Islands from the US.

Now, for clarity's sake, let it be known that there are U.S.V.I.s and U.K.V.I.s.

So, in her bluster, it's possible she is correct.

However, that ephemeral imp "likelihood" would suggest she meant the U.S.V.I.s.

I wasn't sure at the time the nature of the non-U.S.V.I.s, so I sat on my inkling to go and correct her.

Regardless, I hope her GRAND conviction one day finds a useful - and well-founded purpose.

God, save the youth.

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