Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Good, the Dumb, and the Crampy

The Good:

After investigating a the New Dorp park across from Miller field, my back tire got caught steel path-shaping material. The bike was going down, but instead of going down with it, I kept cool and got both feet clicked out. I just trotted over the bike while it slid over. Even if it didn't look cool, it felt cool.

The Dumb:

While riding next to Hylan on a poorly maintained sidewalk, I bumped into a try limb instead of slowing to a stop with the left brake and catching the limb with my right hand. I didn't brake because I was worried about stopping and not being about to get out of the pedals. As cool as the dismount was, I think made me leery of getting out suddenly. Jammed my thumb a little, knocked the right brake lever slightly askew, mostly felt stupid. I would've been better off just riding in the street, which I was also being a chicken about....

The Crampy:

My legs were noticeable fatigued while riding back along South Beach. I was making my way through the residence section of Fort Wadsworth when my right quadriceps started spasming. I tried to let it relax, but the left started not long after that. It was the first time I've ever cramped while riding. That last time was after 4 hours of dancing. The worst part is that it was on a hill...and there was almost two miles to go until I got to the truck. I geared all the way down and shifted around on the seat, stood up. It finally let up by the time I got out of the Fort. Maybe it had something to do with that Entenmanns (I was thinking quick energy - wanted an oatmeal raisin cookie, should've got a granola bar, thought I was in enemy territory, didn't take time to think, my bad).

About 34 miles in all. Rode around the south (read: "white") end of the island. Sometimes felt a little uncomfortable, mostly fine. I'll prolly be back there. I have a thought that the abundance of mistakes were the residual effect of concern about how I was being perceived.


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