Friday, March 24, 2006

Various notes written on my PDA while in the city...

If I ever meet someone and I can pray with them in the room the same as I do when I'm alone, I'll know it may be time to get married.


I spit like Jesus spit in the dirt and rubbed it in a blind man's eyes so he could regain his sight.


I spit into a mike and rub the resulting electronic representation of sound into your ears so you can regain ur freedom - AKA: your life


I love your hair.

"I want to to touch it".

My response: "Yeah, most people do."


There's a lady on the back of the 9:00p boat that's been getting her salsa boogie on - on high gear - since I got on the boat.

Ok, she just stopped.

Missed pic op:

Hasidic in all black w/long coat sitting on other end of car from Muslim wearing kufi & white tunic (?).

Then they both got onto the 6 @ Union Square.

I wonder what they were thinking...

Went to a talk on african lit today. Of course, the audience was only sparsely african...

Went to a wage job in New Jersey last night - all minorities. UPS job "interview" right now - ALL BROWN FACES (though it is in Bkln).

Damn if we ain't tryin' to work

Last minute correction: 2 white dudes came in @ the end.

I just walked through Chinatown for the first time...

Found Little Italy for the first time...

I just walked past Savion Glover...

And 3 kids on the the train asked me about my hair...

an interesting Sunday it has been indeed.

I'm headed to see WTC.

In the Staten Island terminal. 3 knuckleheads draped in flags. Seems tacky to me, but what do I know - guess I ain't patriotic.

My head hurts.

From the boat:
The lights are a lot more impressive on a clearer night. The ride on the ferry makes you feel like you're headed straight for them.

In the event I've not mentioned it before, built-in flash doesn't help you take a picture (of something) 1 mile away. It actually probably makes the picture a little worse.

Too much of anything is more than what you need. More than what you need of anything is too much.

I just had my first unisex public restroom experience.

& It wasn't one of those small, single-toilet, lock-the-door type joints either.

U couldn't lock the door. There were two stalls: the handicapped stall & another with a sign on its door that read "MEN".

Fortunately, I was able to get in and out before anyone else came in.


I was in Penn Station today and there was a woman w/an amp and background music singing spirituals.

I believe she counts a subway performer...

On the train just now, the drummer cats got on & at Lafayette, (played) took a collection, & jumped back off @ 2nd Ave.

Hustle, baby.


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