Monday, March 20, 2006

So close, so close...

Got up this morning @ 10a despite have gone to bed at 5a.

@ 11a started labeling envelopes to do a mailing (with the intent to start a database of people mailed/what they do/when mailed).

@ 1p got hungry and decided to go down the street and get food 'cuz I was hungry (uh oh)

@ 1:30p changed mind and decided to just eat something here (ok, not bad; stay focused)

@ 2p decided to take a 1 hour nap and get back to it (bad sign)

@ 2:40p alarm goes off and I hit snooze ({sigh} it's over)

@ 5:59p finally got up, felt like crap, saw e-mail from dreaded source, realized another one has gotten away

Currently fighting urge to play Thief 2 until 5a.

my blog, dammit. my blog


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