Sunday, March 19, 2006

Freedom to be offended (1st Draft)

A week ago I disabled comments on the O-Fishul. I became bothered by commentary from posters about other people's posts, and decided to make a change.

When I first turned the comments on, I wanted it to be an uncensored forum for responses: ideas, contributions, refutations, general comedy.

I came to look for responses after certain posts.

Then one day those who frequented the comments section were referred to (by a non-poster) as "my groupies".

I thought about whether I was still posting for the sake of truth, or posting to be praised.


Then posters began remarking about other posters. And the target posters would, remark about those posters.

These people, each without knowing or speaking about the other, making assumptions about the nature of each others posts.

Sound vague... convoluted...silly? Exactly.

The assertion always made was that "others" on the blog were jocking the editor. There is no need to present other arguments, because there were no other arguments. Everybody, according to everybody else, was jocking yours truly.

Interestingly, Fearless Blogger was never accused of soliciting the jock-ularity. Well, there was the original non-poster who said everybody here was a groupie.

Irony? Karma? Infinite circularity (<-redundant phrase)?

I've been disappointed that some who I consider generally intelligent do not take to time to consider that the comments by others could are as tongue-in-cheek as their own.

But disappointed isn't really grounds for divorce, is it?

I'm turning the comments back on. There will be posts that have the comments turned off, but that usually means what I'm saying is scary and probably a little closer to the truth. If you have something to contribute, feel free. If not, don't. Have an inside joke? E-mail me directly. If you are grown, act like it; if you are not, don't.

Consider content rather than style.

One day I'll not be afraid to speak my mind. Of course, it'll prolly be the day after I lose my ability to speak...

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