Thursday, October 13, 2005


When I get home I should two fresh boxes waiting for me to tear into. Some shoes I ordered (Tiff, I really do mean to keep them but I can make no promises - I demand perfection) & a spanking new DVD Burner. Not only will I be able to watch DVD's again, I'll be able to pirate them as well! Yay, capitalism! Mad shout-outs to Barbie Doll (the Mom Wonder) for financing that particular electronic purchase.

One can only hope that I'll enough sense to not spend all night installing a DVD burner while breaking in new shoes. I got to get up and work again tomorrow, albeit later and much closer to home.

(big cheeze)


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    i bet my new lipstick is more fun than your new dvd burner. and i bet my new metallic pink shoes are way mo' hot than your new shoes. so there!

    -ev'ry body wants to go to can it hurt you when it feels so good.

  2. are your new shoes leather? cause um how you gonna wear your brethren on your feet?


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