Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The f#$2?!?!

I accidently surfed past the 10th Annual Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards* on VH1 just know. Toni Braxton was "performing" (a fairly transparent job of lip synching 0 but it is Soul Train) some new song that she's hoping catches on. During this, she's holding her pinky aloft to emphasize some point contained in the song (stop trying so hard - it's all negated by the fact the you're LIP SYNCHING). Near to her was some dancer in mime makeup who obviously had not been trained in that par-ticular form of clowning.
But that is all ancillary information. The main point is this:

what the @$%@% was she wearing?

Toni, you got your figure back. We get it. Please, move on. Sing some songs that don't suck and get over your self (prolly in reverse order) and maybe, just maybe you'll become relevant again.


*Could not the "ladies of soul" be covered as part of the main Soul Train Awards? And why are there still the Soul Train Awards? Does Shamar Moore even still watch it? Doesn't VH1 already have it's own "soul" awards show?

(incredulous look, wait for answer...)


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  1. Just got back from seeing The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till. I think it is playing in NY. You should go check it out.


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