Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Afformentioned Recantation...

Last Tuesday, I had a rehearsal at a theater near Times Square. I worked in the Bronx that day, so I had to find a way to kill the couple of hours between getting of the train from work and the beginning of rehearsal. I went and got a burrito in a bowl, but that only killed an hour. So, I decided to partake of my most recent in-city passtime: playing Madden 96 on my iPaq (something your ipod cannot do).
In order to do so, I needed a place to stand still. I chose a subway entrance at the corner of 8th and 44th. I felt strangley conspicuous standing there. This is generally in keeping my habit of being places I shouldn't.
After a few minutes of standing on the corner of this busy NYC street at 7 p.m.-ish on a Tuesday with rabble of locals and touristy types going to see gen-u-ine B'way shows and get gouged at the local eating establishments, I noticed a woman walk up and stop at the corner of a building a few feet away from where I stood. She had on a mini-skirt, high-heeled riding boots, irridescent little purse with cellphone clipped to, a bit weavey and a mite make-uppy.
I continued playing (tearing the through the 1996 NFL season with a furious airborne attack). After watching her scan and walk back and forth for a moment, it began to occur to me that this was indeed a prostitute. I was trying to figure out if whe felt I was in her spot (because, as a little brother, I tend to assume I'm in somebody's way). One might suggest that she was wondering if she should proposition me, but I assure you that there's something about me that let's people know I hate anything remotely fun. I can't get NO action at the club. Um, anyway...
There is a young Central American-looking man that passes us heading toward my left. Without much intent she walks toward the direction he did. She then returns to her spot. The young man returns past her and they almost catch a glance. He continues and she again walks in the same direction, this time with slightly more intent. Realizing the opportunity, I hesitate not in persuance.
At first they maintain distance, but the lady makes ground up on him without particular exertion. They are now walking together as though they are acquainted, and I continue in pursuit maintaining enough distance to not be noticed (yes, I am purposely trying to make this sound like a nature documentary; feel free to assume the narration is in British accent).
They turn right on 43rd. I just barely regained sight of them after turning onto that street when several men in bulletproof vests come from a parking lot betwen buildings and, without great effort or fanfare, pull the young man over the side of a building to arrest him. The alleged prostitute is escorted by one man across the street toward a school.
I continue on down the street wondering if anyone besides me has noticed the sting that just took place.

the further adventures of me in the city...

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