Saturday, June 18, 2005

Remember the little sister from Family Matters?

Yeah, the original cute kid before Urkel became the star and before they brought in that was replaced by that little attempt-at-reinvigorating-ratings-look-he-dances-like-Michael Jackson-kid with the hair that was about twice as many years too late as he was old.

Her name is Jaimee Foxworth. And, for a while, she was doing porn.

How is it I'm always the last to find out abou this stuff?

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  1. you must have been watching vh-1. they show stuff 800 times, but it was worth it this time because now you know some important information! sad story about her...

    what i missed out on was what happened to urkel?

    yeah...i couldn't stand the fake michael, or 3J. i'm sad that i remember that, and that i know that he is on "that's so raven" now. ...all in the name of watching us on TV. : )


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