Friday, June 17, 2005

Gotta be on

the 6a boat to make it to the Bronx for this job. Its 3:10a. It's going to be on of those days.

Today I was in the lower east side kind of north and west of Little Italy (whatever that's called) so I could get an inner tube for my bike. I was trudging aroung for a Chase (tm) bank and found one at Spring and B'Way. It's one of those places in the town where everyone likes to dress like their poor, yet spend Dolce & Gabana money doing it. As I head in, there's a woman there who opens the door for me. She's doing this for everyone, announcing that one of the ATM's is out of cash but still good for deposits, and shaking a change cup in one hand. If the last item on that list didn't make it clear for you, this lady is NOT an employee of JP Morgan Chase.
So she's doing her thing and, on the way out, I hand her a dollar and tell her, "I like your hustle". She mentioned that she was enjoying it, too, with a short breath and went back to her self-assumed duties.

For her creativity, she gets the very first O-Fishul(c) Nice Hustle of the Week Award.


  1. Only you, Carsey. Only you have these experiences that always entertain me. Did she tell you about the Free-Checking? :-)

  2. i think she was concetrating on the low ATM fess that day...


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