Monday, June 06, 2005

Random *ish

* At approximately 3:38pm on Thursday, June 2, 2005, I realized that the name PM Dawn is a paradox.

Unless you live really close to one of the poles.

* Watched the beginning of the Tony Awards tonight and saw someone that I auditioned with for an Olive Garden commercial performing in the opening medley of musicals.

It seems that the Tony Awards are consistenly less clumsy than other award shows. Who would have figured that live stage performers would be best at presenting a live, staged show.

* Are you aware that Hampton University has a dress code?

I'd laff at them, but there were certain times when I wish that such a code existed, not merely at my humble alma mater, but as a key piece of the Constitution.

* NYC finally hit a legitimate 80 degrees F. The downside to this is that downtown Manhattan will feel 2 degrees warmer while the subway feels 10 degrees warmer and 70% stickier.

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  1. K Knighten who? K Knighten12:00 AM

    Oh yeah? Well did you recognize the irony in the name another bad creation? and to think when they first came out that whole wearing your clothes inside out with the tag on the hat was real pimperish. kinda makes you wish they had that hampton dress code back then. what about the picture of the flygirls on that hampton page? they were probably the ones who wouldn't dance with anybody at the sockhop. hookah!


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