Monday, May 23, 2005

Update on this job I hate

It was going unusually pleasant. I got some free Thai food, but as soon as I heard it was there I knew that meant there would be that much more cleaning to do.

Well, tonight's pissedoffdedness started around 7p when I got about 3 calls at once and had the audacity to page someone instead of send them their call directly - which I would have been doing if she would plant her ass in the general vicinty of her desk with relative permanence.

Then came 8 o'clock and those dishes. After picking up a few dirty dishes from downstairs (which could easily have been taken upstairs before nukkas left for the day), I went to put them near the sink and saw that some genious had placed a damn-near half-full plate in the sink right underneath the faucet which meant subsequent genious ran water directly into (anger is sparked). The trash can really is only five ginger steps to the left. Then there was the table that had all the food on it. At first it wasn't a big deal, but the more I touched food containers and got various forms of curry on my hands and saw how much of said curry was on the table itself, the more it occurred to me that I was going to have to fight the urge to call a meeting at this place I'll never see again, and suggest to them that they might consider washing their owners dishes as they used them (anger rises).

The last straw was pretty much after getting all of the glasses from upstairs (understand, I'm now on the third floor) that seemed to not be in use. This exercise was forcibly interrupted by people trying to get a dog to be nice to me. Understand, I'm not EVEN concerned with this dog. But since it growled (barely) at me, this dude actually takes stuff out of my hand so I can pat the dog. The dog is walking on three good legs. Why would I be worried about it. If it tries to get crunk, the bitch (yes, it is a female) will be down to 1 - especially while I'm trying to get this $#1t put away so I can leave.

So, I get downstairs and, as I'm unloading the dishwasher (the poor design of which really doesn't allow much of a load), a glass on the counter slips and shatters before I can catch it. The topper? While I'm sweeping, I go to wipe what must be water running down my hand, but I notice that it's a nice, bright red (anger peaks). So now I really want to curse somebody. After I get a makeshift tourniquet on my finger and go back to loading the machine, bunny of "send my calls up here" fame brings down some glasses. After her last trip, she's gives a split second "goodnight" and runs her sorry ass out de do'. Now if you hear some glass shatter and then see somebody with an entire paper towel 3M(tm) taped around their pinky (not and exaggeration) gingerly foolin with a counter-full of dishes, might it occur to you to at least ask if a bwoy might could use a hand? Perhaps by this point she could sense my displeasure. To her credit, on one trip she did comment that the people there were pigs, so her I guess she did at least try to commiserate.

I will be definately clarifying my marketable skillset with ol' temp girl tomorrow.

lawd havissmercy 'pon muh soul...


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Hang in there baby.Is your finger ok?

  2. umm...sorry to be a "blond," but what is the jist (sp?) of this story? there were too many words. : )

  3. "update...on this job i hate..."

    wow! you made a rhyme! LOL!
    (twirls hair around finger)

  4. Anonymous4:35 PM

    the jist of the story can often be found by reading the title, which you obviously did since you picked up on it rhyming. this particular title said "update"- this usually means new or current information, "on this job i hate"- this would more than likely mean about the place that cwj was/is working which he does not care for, so from this we can conclude that the "jist" of this story is new information on the job that cdubb does not like i bolded it so that you could more easily focus your attention on it. you're welcome.

  5. thanks, anonymous! ...but my comments were only intended for carsey, not people on this blog i don't know.

    i appreciate your time, despite the not-so-subtle sarcasm!

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM

    hey, no problem rosada! i even have some more useful information for you. this is how a blog works: a blog is a web log (journal). since it is on the "web" (that means internet) it can be viewed by anyone and responded to by (that's right you guessed it) anyone.see the internet is also called the "world wide web" because people around the world can use it. and so when you make a comment on a blog it is not inconcievable that people other than the one(s) you know might read it. thought that might help.
    yours truly,

  7. (c walk pulls out a butter knife and cuts path through the tension so he can get out before things turn less politely nasty....)

  8. gee, anonymous. is there no end to your hospitality? you sure do have a lot of remarks for someone you don't know. i could be reading into things, but what's with the subtle sarcasm? you are acting like you know me, and i stole your puppy! i guess that you missed the boat somehow. i made comments that only carsey would understand, since he does know me. people are free to make comments, but what i wrote didn't require any. notice that our blogmaster had nothing to say about them. i appreciate your attempt at online tutoring, but it's not necessary.

    i'm guessing that you are going out of your way to explain things because you have nothing better to do? otherwise, i don't get why you care so much about helping little, old me.

    my comments were meant to be light-hearted, but you seem to want to take things to that other level...for no real reason. again, i could be reading into things. what i posted wasn't even serious enough to warrant your "explanations."

    there is no need to be "nice-nasty." it's just a blog. no one's career in technology is at stake here!

    i am going to end this because i'm bored with it. carse, i'm having another moment where people's actions just don't properly fit the situation.


  9. Anonymous3:24 PM

    dang! what happened here?

  10. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Hey carsey

    this is davarious i just stopped in to say "what it do."

  11. Dam, D. whuttup?

    you still pushing that american made steel, or you finally moved to a lot with a profit margin ;) ?


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