Thursday, May 26, 2005

Random ramble

First, perhaps those posting comments anonymously would be good (brave) enough to tag the end of your posts with some form of differentiation so we know which posts are to be associated with others...

Now other stuff:

There seems to be some misunderstanding about the temp assignment that stank: it's over. It was only a three day deal. Well that one was only 3 days. Of course, I was asked if I could come in next week. "Unfortunately" I had "something" to "do".

With regard to the callbacks mentioned a few weeks ago: I've been cast in a showcase (small pay, not bound by contract) play to go up in September it's called Giant-N-Variation (no pics, yet, but other useful info....maybe).

The other piece I auditioned for that week did not cast me. One day people will believe me when I say that I can tell when the director is not seeing what he/she wants. The callback was fun (at times), but I kind of wish they hadn't called me back. Still glad I did the audition, though.

This week is "Fleet Week" here in NYC (which basically a mass shore leave or a tribute to the military men & women of the seas - depends on your personal view). It's unique this year becasue the Pakistani Navy is partipipating. No doubt to show us just how much closer they are to being true homo sapiens thanks to the glorious and ordained intervention of our leader and father "Dubya".
It's been kind of a strange experience for me seeing them here. I wonder if I'm the only one that notices them so much. Today I was watching them and realized, even this city of every shade and combinatin thereof, these men were like aliens to me. Admitedly I had the thought of what if one fo these cats wants to do some kill Americans type-stuff. But it NYC - you will, some point suspect every person you meet here is about to try to kill you. Urban charm.
What really struck me about these cats, is how muchseeing them was like seeing American sailors, but not in an assimilated way. Some of them had these long beards that American military muscleheads won't be allowing for at least 75 years. It was just the way they were sticking together, chatting with each other & whatnot. It was just kind of plainly human...yeah, I was on some 'ol' we are the world, everybody's the same type stuff

Lastly, I went and auditioned for the little indie film, and the lady who's doing it turned out to be from Arcadia, La. Which, if you're familiar with La. and the fact that there are like 12 million people in this city, you understand the fairly low odds of this happening. She said "Grambling" and it was the first time I'd heard the way it was supposed to sound in some time.

Yay, suthen folks.



  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    see--prayer works!
    -eche to the kay and why

  2. yay for you! at least you keep stuff lined up.

  3. damn! i forgot to comment about rockwell. you are wrong for that! you are showing your age, man, because i know you remember him when he was hot. well, let me say, "lukewarm." : )

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    hey, i would get a perm again if i could be guaranteed it would look like his.

  5. Anonymous11:02 PM

    who is this Rosada? is she single?



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