Monday, August 05, 2013

From a Sunday afternoon in NYC

I am almost impressed that the topless Vegas-style girl in Times Square* already has a bootleg, disinterested doppleganger.

(*who was a bit bootleg to begin with, as the one I saw was obviously not schooled in the proper movement style and was wearing flip-flops)

Until subway cars are made so that the entire side opens up, people will continue to crowd the areas just inside the doors....despite the wealth of empty space in the middle of the car.


No. that wouldn't help. These lemmings will continue to do things that defy logic and damn sensible nerves.

Dyson does not improve things anymore, he simply tweaks his designs to justify replacing his old designs with a products with lots of fun profit margin built in.

(aka: the curse of the apple tax)

I will not likely stand on a corner and preach to you about getting proper in your religion, but it takes a great deal of energy to keep me from RAILING at you about you letting your daughter come out of the house/hotel/camper with butt cheek-baring shortpants. I may just smite you.

Contrary to what you want to believe, those super-high, narrow-wedge heels were not actually meant to be worn as daily footwear. The model puts them on, the photog takes the picture, the model takes them off. One of you is going to fall off of those things and hurt yourself....and you're going to wonder why you have gnarled witch feet and varicose veins when you're 40. Stop it.

Knowing that you shouldn't stop for nachos while power-walking from 65th to South Ferry will not stop you from stopping for nachos at 14th Street; thereby ending your power walk at Chambers even though you managed to find a clean bathroom on Canal at 1:30 AM.

Roaches aren't particularly interested in finding food in your house, they just really enjoy climbing all over your stuff.

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