Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I've thought about therapeutic things in the past few months, both in terms of giving and receiving.

I've thought about needing mental therapy and my (completely unschooled or licensed) ability to give it.

I've thought about meditation. I've participated in it a few times. On rare occasion I've tried it by myself. I think I've only managed to achieve what I would think of as a meditative state accidentally.

(which is prolly  how it works).

I have recently noticed that I respond strongly to music that puts me in a meditative state....though this isn't music I listen to for that purpose. I listen to it because I like it, it helps me focus.

But, recently, I'm really noticing how strongly I react - how much of a change takes place with meditative music.

It's like:

"oh, that's ----- OH, that's!

Ohhhhhhhhh - > mmmmmmm.


So, I think this is my self showing me what I need.

Recognition of purpose, notwithstanding:

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