Friday, June 13, 2008

Thorns, Bugbites & Spiderwebs (slapslap)

I finally made it back to Wolfe's Pond Park (with two viable inner tubes AND an extra).

new helmet
mountain shoes (jammed toes cramp my style)
seriously considering clipless pedals
eventually need some new pads
and tires
mostly lots and lots of seat time

I don't think I found all the trails there, but there were more than I thought I'd find at first. Technically there are no open biking trails there until mid-July, but the rangers there seem to let people ride anyway.

It's nice to have the Schwinn back to it's original fat, nobby tired purpose. The over 20 year old Selle Royale
work well combined with the Thudbuster (which was getting tested in its true element for the first time in the 3 years I've had it. It would have worked even better had I not had it tilted to far down (one day I'm going to suck it up and carry tools with me everywhere I go).

Every non-casual rider should have at least three bikes.

One dedicated to dirt
One dedicated to fast
One dedicated to commuting/casual trundling (<- the one that you install that electric drive on to help with the hills and the extra weight from shopping/backpack/briefcase/gym bag/whatnot).

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