Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Le Tour

(warning, most of these pictures suck full size. I'm lazy)

Waiting for the boat

This is the only time the plebs gets to ride on this part of the ferry. It's where cars would make the trip if this were another city - it's generally empty, though.

Lined up on Church St., waiting for the start

Nitwit in what is supposed to be an afro wig

Held up around 56th & 6th; we were staggered into groups going into Central Park

Bottleneck going onto the Queensboro bridge

Views on the bridge

Riding on the freakin' BQE!

No hands: bicycle cruise control

and another bottleneck, this time exiting from the BQE (yes, we were moving about as fast as the traffic in the other side)

What I was compelled to use the back of my tour bib for...

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