Friday, October 05, 2007

Sex & Semi-Consciousness

  • This morning I had a dream that a best male friend in youth tried to set me up for an "encounter" with other male friends we went to high school with. It felt insidious without being specifically threatening; like some sh!t that wouldn't hold up in court, even though you KNOW where it was headed. No idea of the significance.

  • Yesterday I had a short dream where a long time female friend kissed me. It weren't no tentative peck neither...straight tongue, B! But there seemed to be something nauseating on her tongue/in her mouth. Right after I was nauseated to vomiting, but it now seems as though the sick/substance came from my mouth, i.e. was my fault. I wonder if this was a warning to not let indulgence ruin a relationship. Or maybe my subconscious meant to inform me if the magnitude of my oral offensiveness during slumber...?


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