Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kwamé Shows Me His Ass

This morning's recollected dream (I'm not kidding):

Apparently, I'm a music producer in this one.

Big Daddy Kane is doing a new album, it's produced by Kwamé. We're discussing what this new sound will be like. I bring up Kwamé's New Jack sound, whether he's going for that again. His response is incredulously "not". He seems to think "I got jokes". Kwamé, his ego having reared itself, leaves.

There was some reference to ass, so, on his way out Kwamé sets forth to show me his - literally. I avoid having my eyes make contact with it.

Having Mr. Kane's full attention, I set forth to begin a dialogue about current styles and play him "Oh"* from the ARE's Dem Damb Jacksons EP.

Having "won", dream state drifts into awakeness.


Though it wasn't a truly lucid dream experience, I did feel in control - it didn't feel as things were happening around me. It was unaware lucidity**.

* the beat for which I find to be quite nearly replete with butterynipplegoodness

** the phrase "subconscious lucidity" tweaks my fancy more, but it feels too similar to "lucid dream". I hate ambiguous terminology.

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