Friday, January 20, 2006

More ish from saynt loo

The next time somebody wants me to do a one or two person show with only 2.5 weeks to rehearse, I will respond with a gingerly raised middle finger.

I'm still waiting to work up the gumption to tell these other folks that I'd rather not do their show.

I was perhaps, a bit hyperbolic in discribing the fractured nature of the St. Louis metro. There is a large portion in the center that is St. Louis proper, and they have casino boats, so I guess that's something that grown folk can do (albeit older folk typically).

It appears, unless I was really absent-minded in misplacing it) that my Andis T-Outliner was removed from my dressing room by someone other than me...

On my way back from getting a new one and needing something to remind me that all material is meaningless, I saw a green Geo Metro 3 door with the "4x4" and "5.7 Hemi" badges from a Dodge Ram stuck haphazardly onto it. There was even a faded flame decal on the nose of the car. Horrible that I didn't have the digital camera, it is...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Absolute Last Time I'm Explaining My Position on the 2006 Rose Bowl

USC's defense was disappointing: I was under the impression that they'd gotten their tackling issues under control. When playing an offense that is faster than you, YOU MUST TACKLE WHEN YOU GET TO THE BALL.

USC's coaching was disappointing: Calling you last timeout during the other team's EP attempt and there's only :20 left on the clock? What exactly was the point? 4th and 2 late in the 4th, you're up and you go for it? Without both of your best runners in the game to try and fool the defense? Or, if your QB is so @$@$ good, how 'bout calling playaction? Or perhaps a SCREEN PLAY?!?!

Or, just punt the dang ball! A 12 point lead with 6:00 minutes left.... Just ridiculous

Not exactly related, but how is it Reggie Bush gets about 90 yards on 13 carries and close to a hundred more receiving and a touchdown, and Texas "shut him down". Isn't that like, 7 yards a rush? And are the only plays that USC has for the guy sweeps? Can a brother get a counter?

Officiating: Ok, I understand bad calls going both ways, but how, with the advantage of replay, do you miss a player's knee resting comfortably on the ground?

UT's ball handling was disappointing. Proof the devil lives in Texas: UT fumbles like four times and loses it only...wait did they ever lose a fumble?

At some point, once people finally get over Vince Young's performance, people will realize that this is not the best game of all time. It was a very competitive game. But there was a lot of ugly stuff here.

I was tempted for a second to say that USC still has a better team, but I really can't. I think their talent on offense was spread out better, but that doesn't really matter when your coaching sucks - and USC coaching got WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY exposed. Didn't Pete Carroll used to coach in the League? Oh, yeah. That's right. He got fired.

Man, I'm glad I'm not a USC fan.

BTW, the NCAA record books are apparently going to add an asterisk next to UT as it's 2006 champion showing that Vince Young was the actual champion and UT accepts by proxy.

Therefore: UT still sucks


Saturday, January 07, 2006

2nd Week in St. Loo

Some quick ramblings about this city/play I'm in for the next few weeks:

Unless I've missed it, and I'm not saying I haven't, but St. Louis leaves a little to be desired in terms of nightlife, but I guess this is more of a family, daytime type city.

If you ever come for a quick jaunt to Gateway City and it seems you accidently keep going outside of the city limits, don't worry, it's not just you. Unlike most other metro areas, St. Louis has not quite grasped the idea of annexation. All those little towns and hamlets that existed when the city first formed and have sprung up since still exist as separate municipalities. It makes keeping one's eyes open for cops somewhat more challenging, I must say.

Rush hour lasts 15 minutes here. 30 on a bad day. It's crazy. And these have to be the least aggressive drivers anywhere. I can sneeze and merge. Strangely, this makes me that much more aggressive when I drive. Move b!tc# !!

The show I'm in is opening in less than two weeks, I never leave the stage, and I've barely scratched the surface of learning it. Or maybe it just feels that way 'cuz I've rehearsed almost 8 hours a day almost every day that I've been here.

There is a radio station here that refers to itself as "Foxy 95".
What? Fire whoever came up with that gem. Quick. "Foxy"....ugh.

The apartment that I'm staying in is the largest amount of space that I've had for my own personal use in, like, five years. It smells like old Marlboros when I get too close to the floor, space (sigh).

Do me a favor. Don't ask me about, refer to or otherwise comment on my hair. I'm still in some pain.

(insert GrimAce here)

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