Friday, January 20, 2006

More ish from saynt loo

The next time somebody wants me to do a one or two person show with only 2.5 weeks to rehearse, I will respond with a gingerly raised middle finger.

I'm still waiting to work up the gumption to tell these other folks that I'd rather not do their show.

I was perhaps, a bit hyperbolic in discribing the fractured nature of the St. Louis metro. There is a large portion in the center that is St. Louis proper, and they have casino boats, so I guess that's something that grown folk can do (albeit older folk typically).

It appears, unless I was really absent-minded in misplacing it) that my Andis T-Outliner was removed from my dressing room by someone other than me...

On my way back from getting a new one and needing something to remind me that all material is meaningless, I saw a green Geo Metro 3 door with the "4x4" and "5.7 Hemi" badges from a Dodge Ram stuck haphazardly onto it. There was even a faded flame decal on the nose of the car. Horrible that I didn't have the digital camera, it is...


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    People are not nice :-p

  2. I saw a ford aspire with lexus badging and teeny tiny rims. They look like they came off of a baby carriage.

  3. [non-related]

    i miss you, ceedubble! glad to know that you are doing it big in MO.


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