Monday, June 26, 2006

Six Flags, Your naps & U

Perhaps I am again on the late bus, never-the-less...

Read this here

Racism? Perhaps not.

Methinks, however, that me and my pelo will go to Coney Island this summer instead...

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  1. what does your hair look like now anyway?

    naturally (ha!), i'm offended by their policies. they do seem to have targeted a certain group, but the point is that we live in a country that talks out of both sides of its neck. on the left, we claim to embrace diversity (i.e., "there is room enough for everyone. yay, cultural expression!"). on the right, we do all we can to try to make people conform. (this is often based on the beliefs of the person who's in charge at any given moment).

    we all still have a long way to go...


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