Monday, June 19, 2006

My Lai

If you're of the generations who's awareness of Vietnam exists mostly or purely through history books and Born Fourth of July, you might consider checking the link below.

I've heard several times about the massacres by US troops on civilians that supposedly took place, but I'd never really read anything about them or realized that there was actual pictorial documentation of them.

...And, though this is being posted as we are in the midst of (more) misconduct by US troops in Iraq, that is not what leads me to post this.

It's just that feel it's important to be aware of history...some events more so than others.

The link leads to a recollection of the event by a helicopter pilot credited with saving lives that day, but it is a full site on the incident. Do look around.

And do remember that pure objectivity is a hard thing to come by. Take what you see for what it is. Make your judgment. Move on:

My Lai

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