Saturday, April 30, 2005

Murphy's Law loves me

Of course, after a week of ranting at every opportunity about how pissed I am that I paid my $130 in union fees this Monday, I get a callback from an Equity Principle Audition (required auditions for Equity members for union shows). It's for a play called "Driving on the Left Side" (Joy, stop singing Pass the Dutchie"). It required singing, preferably a reggae song. Since I neither knew by heart nor had the music to a reggae song, I had to bring some of that actor-in-NYC-on-the-spot-audition-type hustle: I did an island rendition Lord's Prayer sung (Sister Mahalia set the precedent - a fact I was ready to present those watching, if necessary).

Today I auditioned for the part of an aspiring rapper in an indie film. They asked the auditioners to bring in some East coast rap to perform. Unfortunately, I only read the full e-mail this morning, so I only new this a few hours before the audition. All that I know off-hand is Cee-Lo's verse from Cell Therapy. It would have to suffice.
So, I went in, did it - had to start over once 'cuz I didn't give myself time to feel the beat right, and then did it. It proved to be quite cathartic - and I'm not even sure what I was being cathart-ized from. I really enjoyed performing that. Actually, every time I perform that verse - as poetry, rapped, or whatever - I enjoy it.

We'll see how it goes...



  1. aww...neato mosquito! make like craig david and "fill me in!" how did everything work out? know me so well. you know that i have a tune to hum for every situation.

    godspeed with all of your endeavors, and let us know what pops. you know i'm an indie buff, so to see you rappin' would be GRRRRREAT! : )

  2. Murphy doesn't loves you.
    Murphy doesn't hate you.
    Murphy doesn't care about you.
    Murphy is just Murphy.

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM


    you simply must get both of these parts.


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