Monday, April 18, 2005

Last week I was in an elevator with Samuel L. Jackson.

No, I did not speak to him.

He was speaking to his wife. And as one would normally do in this situation, I left the two to their conversation.

One person I mentioned the occurrence to claimed that, if he/she see someone who's (famous), he/she is going to approach/speak to them. She seemed to feel that regardless of whether or not this celebrity appeared to not wish to be bothered.

I, however, choose to be far more selective about whom I choose to jock.

Most of the people on that very short list are dead, anyway.

what can I say. I'm hard to impress.

That, or I think people should be treated as people regardless of whether their profession happens to cause many, many people to know their names.


  1. i totally agree. celebs are people, too. sometimes, we "common folks" want to be left to our own devices. they are no different than we are.

    now, i will say that if i saw dave chappelle again, johnny depp, or prince, i would have to at least give 'em a wink! : )

  2. People deserve privacy & spatial respect.

    Well... most people.

    But come to think of it, I don't know how well my opinion would hold up if it were Anita Baker in that elevator. Perhaps the gentleman she was speaking with at the time would forgive me for my errant elbow to his nose...

    Hey, that's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the woman who runs circles around 99% of the female artists out there... respect game...


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