Thursday, July 24, 2003

So I'm driving down 183 on the way back to the crib. I was enjoying a successful test of my most recent adjustment the cruise control I installed on the ride when I noticed a group of black people on the ground below playing something in a field. Now, I find just about any group of black people engaged in a sport that ain't basketball out of the ordinary, so I was interested. I realized that it was mostly women and, at first I thought they might be having a little soccer practiced for the kids. I looked again and realized that there was somebody rolling a ball toward someone in a batting cage. Right then I knew what I had witnessed: black women playing kickball.
I swung back around and drove over to the field they were in. Turned out that they are in the Austin Women's Kickball league. I'd heard of grown folks playing kickball and I'm pretty sure that I'd heard of AWK before. They said that there were some co-ed tournaments.

I will be involved in this before the end of the summer.

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