Monday, July 21, 2003

Ok, a couple of months after creating a webpage on the U of Texas server, claiming that I'd use it as my blog, I'm finally putting one up. It's actually only because I saw somebody else's blog while looking up stuff about that girl that's accused Kobe of the unauthorized pleasure (put me down for not guilty - hey, sports wives and girlfriends, go with them dudes when they travel and save us all the trouble of watching this crap).

One quick thought:
You know this Fox produced syndicated live show "Good Day Live", I had the idea for something like this about 3 and a half years ago. Except my idea didn't include annoin'-@$$ Gillian Barbieri. I worked at a Fox station back when this show first got on the air. We were running nothing but talk show garbage and were told that it was going to get replaced with a live news show. It sounded to me like an afternoon version of the show that comes on Fox News Channel in the morning. But it turned out to be this crap. I suggested it to a radio personality that I was producing for on the weekends at the time. She was not at all interested. Guess I shoulda used powerpoint...


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