Tuesday, December 13, 2016

that feeling you get when you come home early so you'll have time to do the little bit of work on the truck and bike before finishing your office work at home you find out you have the wrong parts for the truck and bike and you go back to A Z and come home and throw those on and like how much of a difference it made and Mom comes out and asks if you rode the bike to make sure it's back together right and you're like "yeah, I thought about doing that" because it's unseasonably warm but not raining and you need to fill up anyway and you catch up to that lady without her lights on and she calls you an "angel in disguise" and you wonder why "disguise" and you go to wash the bugs off and do the whole bike and get home and lube the chain since it's still warm and the cats are running around and you decide to wipe the wheels down while the chain cleaner soaks in and get finished and figure you might as well RainX the screen/mirrors/headlight and finally finish and decide to leave Her up on the center stand because She looks good clean and go in and wash hands and eat field peas and okra with rice and you STILL haven't gotten to those papers....




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