Tuesday, July 26, 2016

wire fraud and the hydra

I'm not certain what one can purchase from bein sports,

but someone wanted it badly enough to use one of my cc's without permission.

The City is shiny and tantalizing when you arrive:

parasitic, demeaning, & cancerous when you stay...

then erupts with mad, flailing, vengeance when you when you leave.

all the cards come out

everything is has on you

all flies at you at once

when you finally have a plan, a means to leave.

Because it knows.

It knows it is no longer sly enough.

It knows it no longer has you fooled.

Providence has given you a means.

Your debtors have given you absolution.

It has taken more than its share.

And it may a drop more...it doesn't know how to stop.

it is just an empty belly.

So....it is desperate.

It knows it cannot stop you

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