Monday, October 05, 2015


I've stated a few times that I had an entry to make.

I usually don't end up making those entries....bad about that.

And I'm saying it again.

From about 2012 (Trayvon Martin),

to today (Eric, Michael, Sandra, Freddy, cops in BK, cop in Houston, RV
crew in VA, students in OR),

I probably have a great deal to pontificate on.

The only thing is...I've sort of lost the will.

I've somehow missed my passing out of the the warrior phase to the
protector, nester phase.

The only problem is that I've no nest, nothing to protect,

not at hand, anyway.

I think I understand now how my mother didn't have the same reaction to
injustice, "radical" point of view I might have when younger. You get to
an age and those hormones shift get to where you're just
trying to keep what you have safe.

So, I guess, there's a problem...or conflict...when you don't have
anything to protect, nothing built-up, saved...

And all the past warnings about "do it now while you still have time"
begin to become clearer and clearer as you vision becomes the opposite.

( :-P )

So, as I said, there seems like there's a lot that I haven't said
anything about, that I probably should.

Maybe I still have time to get around to it.


everything that I have ever not been able to understand should be
translated into robots.

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