Friday, August 22, 2014

I am currently

listening to the Yancey Boys page on Soundlcoud after having learned
that the verse that I always thought was Baatin in "Raise It Up" is
actually J and now understanding why Kweli said that Dilla was one of
the greatest triple threats ever.

And, no, that wasn't a run-on sentence. :-P

In other Kweli news: Don Lemon has apparently solidified himself as The
New Symbolic Tom not long after Jesse reasserted his lack of relevance.

Funny thing about uprisings and movements...funny how they tend to reveal the
the old, the new, the malleable, the stagnant, the quick, the dead, the
growing, the inert.

If I was smart and ambitious, I would be blogging long and hard about
Ferguson and letting everybody in the world know and going there and
sticking my face in front of cameras and talking opinionating,

but I'm only half of those two things only half of the time so.

Yeah. Happy End-Of-Summer.


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