Thursday, May 22, 2014

The ducat$

A week of cool, high-school-cute normalcy descended into personal annoyance and emotional volatility dropping headlong into a descent of regular new bad news.

So, a week of nice was the precursor to 10 days of relative hell of one sort or another.

(as it turns out, I'm really sensitive to room colors and having my stuff touched

And about 30 minutes ago my roommate walks in and hands me two letters, one being from my "talent manager".

I open it and see a four figure check.

And I immediately looked up and sighed in relief, as I'd just paid rent, and in the midst of sorting through job postings on the state employment site.

And then, being the cerebral nitwit I am, I thought about it.

I'd much rather my cousin could still coddle and care for her 7 month old son.

I'd much rather my other cousin was watching his daughter play in the spring-soon-summer sun instead of holding her little unconscious hand after surgery and in preparation for a round of chemo.

I'd much rather my father were feeling better and able to putt around after he putt a round.

And I like, REALLY despise money....

but I sighed that sigh,

didn't I?

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