Saturday, October 19, 2013


I just got off the train and able to walk fairly normally after suffering through a laziness-sowed, stress-triggered back cramp for two days. Stepping off the train and walking toward the work vehicle on wee-hour Saturday morning, I usually regard the youth exiting the local ballroom and on/from/at the diner where they find their mythical, rationalized inebriation cures.

(aka: eat something)

At first it was the usual age-objectified judgment that I was no longer interested in such.

Then I noticed that the mid-October morning was a more pleasant cool than it seemed when I first emerged from underground.

Then I appreciated that the episode of the NPR podcast that I'm listening to was one of the better in recent memory.

Then that late/early frolicking didn't look so bad.

The point?

I probably want to spend a late night out making just a little too much noise eating a little too much pancake once more.

As soon as my back feels better.

p.s.: I also need a fall state/county fair to wallow in.

And for 5 guys to get real whole grain buns and a beef alternative.

Off to work...

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