Thursday, September 05, 2013

So here's something I didn't think actually existed.

Have I ever told you thongs are disgusting?

Oh, well: thongs are disgusting.

Thongs as underwear are only acceptable in the context of lingerie.

As in, "excuse me while I put on something more comfortable" lingerie.

In fact, I go out with female-person, and she wants to thong it up at some point, she is going to have to make the thong part of her costume change.

That change should accompany a shower. Thongs as utility underwear should be banned with the exceptions for certain activity/occupation-based garments.

(dancers, various forms of athletics)

And, again, note that a SHOWER soon after will be involved.

Even primitive cultures that use thongs don't wear them in a manner that so flosses as the average western thong.

Thongs make me do Urban Outfitters and whoever else is responsible for 14-year-olds thinking it cute to walk around with their ass cheeks gadding about.


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