Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the prestige

I just had a dream that Elton John was on an outdoor daytime stage with an invited fan to his left playing and doing some fantastical tricks on an upright piano he was making sound like a grand.

After she responds by showing some gumptions and trying to really play something, he responds by doing a hearty impression of some R&B/neosoul-ish song of recent vintage that would be sort of impressive if he knew, but I really liked.

This is what happens when you're two phones failed to roust you enough that you come out of sleep.

Whatever the song is, it has resulted in something that was completely made up by my brain called "Where Did/Does Love Go (and Have You Found Out the Meaning)" which sounds to be remarkably inspired by René & Ángela's hit "My First Love".

There was no music playing while I was asleep, save for whatever accompanied my roommates television watching.

Such is what my brain is capable of in its sleep mode.

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