Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Wall

This past summer, I did summer theater for the first time. Outside.

Lesson learned: outside theater sux, mostly.

I also had a dominating lead part....the vast majority of the words in a short piece. I felt unsuccessful in the process for many reasons I won't document here. The sense of failure has lingered since and colored just about all the work I've done since. As I've felt unsuccessful, I haven't been productive. As I've been unproductive, I've dwelled on cloud of un-success.

Just now however, I think it has finally occurred to me what is to be learned from the experience: intense work as a group as I have had the inkling to work, only may work in small groups. The larger the group, the more likely the interference of ego. Ego kills work. The more personalities there are to deal with, the more one has to sit back. With fewer people, there can exist a dialectic.

And, even if it proves wrong, at least I am again interested in working. I look forward, humbly and hopefully, to the chance to do so again.

That said, I still anticipate a change of focus in the near future. 

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