Thursday, August 09, 2012

I went to the market...

...(as in "farmer's") today. While there, I saw the owner's son playing
with his toddler - just big enough to walk well, still small enough to
melt anything breathing within a 300ft radius.

Then owner grandpa saw him. Then owner/cashier grandma saw him. Then
just people in the store saw him.

All were melted.

I continued shopping and another grandma and her older toddler followed
me into the root vegetable section. She actively discussed what they
should be getting.

(more melting)

I finished my usual u0shaped route around the stock and toward the
registers. Son Toddler was now there and began playing with the
watermelons. Grandpa rushes over and I notice how small a child can
appear to an average-sized (well, small by the southern standards I'm
used to) version of this particular fruit.

I think about that I must have been that compared similarly to a water
melon at some point in my life.

I watch the young cashier laff as she directs only as much attention to
my selections as necessary, the remainder to the child.

I get wistful.

I have one of those moments when I wish I were normal sometimes.

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