Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bike Path Revelations

I just had three revelatory moments while on the west side bike path:

1) an electronic sign informing riders of expected congestion on the
path due to an upcoming event

2) a slight bird collision soon after the previous - it darted across
the path and bump-brushed my elbow. I think it was a finch. I'm pretty
sure it's ok.

3) being thanked for saying ''on your left'' - I've made a decision to be
vocal, particularly on the bike paths because people here are,
strangley, not. There's also a high occurrence of traffic
(particularly of the foot nature) that doesn't stay to the right. When
I started riding the paths in Austin, I was introduced to announcing a
pass. This season I decided to introduce it to NYC.
   One of the problems associated with the practice is that it is often
perceived as being rude. It certainly seemed that way a couple times
in Austin, but things can sound that way coming from a person imbibing
double their usual amount of oxygen. To deal with the perception, I
always try to make certain it's given with plenty of notice (instead
of while passing) and I make it sound a little crazy. Just for laffs.
People don't mind surprises so much when they come in sing-song form.
In fact I've actually been complimented on it by another rider (ironic
since I had just been cursing him out for not riding to the right).
So, down around the tow yard, three of we riders wanted to pass a
rollerblader. As the first one passed, I came up and gave the 'blader
the audible signal and thanked him (which the final important step of
The Left Side Holler) for shifting over as I passed at which point he
thanked me.

good stuff.

small stuff.

but good stuff.

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