Monday, March 19, 2012

Me vs. Cust. Serv.

c Walker: I show that I have $6 balance remaining and I'm currently on a daily plan. Can I get a refund back to the card charged for that $6?

~Julie G: Welcome to T-Mobile Chat service. My name is Julie and for your reference my rep ID is 1320032. First, please allow me one moment to review your question.

c Walker: ok

~Julie G: Hello C Walker. I will be glad to assist you concerning your $6 balance.

~Julie G: Just to clarify, you would like us to credit back your credit card $6.00, is this correct?

c Walker: yes

~Julie G: May I ask why you want us to credit back the $6 to your credit card?

c Walker: Because I am trying a different carrier.

~Julie G: I am sorry to hear that you are trying another carrrier.

~Julie G: I regret, refills are non refundable.

c Walker: despite the fact that is daily and I am only charged per day to use it?

~Julie G: Yes that is correct.

~Julie G: All refills are non refundable.

c Walker: Then why did you not say that at first instead of asking me why I want to be credited for the $6?

c Walker: thereby saving me the time of sitting here on chat?

~Julie G: So I could clarify the reason why you were requesting the refund.

~Julie G: I apologize for the inconvenience.

~Julie G: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

~Julie G: Are you there ?

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