Saturday, June 25, 2011


on the way back out to the car to attempt to deal with the horrid skweel coming from one of the belts in the bucket, the doorman cracked a joke that he was drinking sangria, but it turned out to be guava juice which he referred to as "healthy".

Being on a mission, I didn't get into my great and expansive idea that health is about balance and the the juice with the flesh of the fruit may act together in the system that stabilize each other; too much of one or the other throws off the balance => too much of anything is too much.

So, as I made way to the car, I must have started thinking about eat well and long life, because, by the time I got to the car, I'd surmised that


one can have too much longevity

and that there must be a balance between long life and a full life.

What is a long life if one never lives?

What is excitement/passion/intensity if one has no time to consider/enjoy it?






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