Thursday, July 22, 2010

For the first time in my experience...

the Hudson Bay smelled like a paper mill. Perhaps it was just the boat.

Either way - ew.

Other fun from today:

 I have officially decided that I do NOT want to be that guy at the last-minute cattle-called casting that is complaining about having "talked his way" off of a paying shoot to come to this because "I thought I'd be in and out" who thinks he's making it better by saying, "but I know you guys have been here longer".

(yeah, some chick was like that at a casting I went to today. boo)

Saw the worst tranny job ever today. I really don't understand what makes these cats think that balloons hovering around one's outer hip looks real. Maybe it's not supposed to. Maybe that person had just stuffed some balloons into (his/her) pants. Hopefully. Most plastic surgery is of the devil.

Found a ramen place at 14th and 1st. Saw a dish for, like, $13. That must be POWERFUL good ramen.

I probably should have said something deep, personal and important, but that's what your candy @$$e$ get.


Or I guess that what I get since it's my blog.

I really used to know how to do this.

stupid facebook.

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