Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In a show. Been getting short headaches while in tech for the past couple days. Been riding the bike to and fro. Been getting up around 6:30-8:30 for past week. Been going to sleep around one.

Been waking up feeling like I over-exerted the day before. Ache in one side of my neck like I slept in wrong position (which I didn't). Been feeling soreness in throat periodically; don't now.

When auditioning for this show, I thought that it would be my last show for a while. I agreed to do a character that I really didn't want to. 'Cuz, you know, actors can't pronounce the word "no". That's why we have agents.
Took part because I needed a please-accept-me crack fix after not even getting a callback for a show I wanted to do earlier this year,

to say nothing of my inability to book a national commercial...

I want to smack one person in the show definitely,
I want to smack another person in the show sometimes,
I want to smack a third person, only when they try to perform the duty of the title they've been given (eyeroll).

Well, I said I wanted to perform outside of the circle that I'd been working in.

I think I may have found an avocation rather than a profession.

I want my 7.5 years back.

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